Mission Statement:

Evicted Tenants is created to help alleviate the burden of taking bad tenants to court after renting a property from good landlords, and to keep servicing the upstanding tenants who have worked hard to maintain a polished reputation, as well as a remarkable payment history with their landlords. The best way to stand above the rest, is to make sure you're not among the rest. We offer a specific service that is great in detail and accuracy to ensure professional tenants don't become part of your problems as a landlord. To sum it up, Evicted Tenants is the aspirin to your bad tenant headache. We find the bad tenants, so you won't have to!



We offer an exclusive service to landlords who wish to alleviate the headache of renting to bad tenants. We do all the background work for you, so you won't have to. Evicted Tenants offers a database of names of all the people who have ever been evicted by the court system. A simple search will yield results that can save you years of headache.

All legal documentation has to be submitted, in order for information about the evicted tenants to be listed on our site.